Community Empowerment through the Arts

“The arts afford opportunities for networking, self-expression and sense of achievement along with economic opportunities through tourism and supplementary income provision.” Gibson, 2002; Mills & Brown, 2004; Pearn, 2007,

The conclusion is that arts may contribute towards resilience in several ways. First, the arts may facilitate amplification of social and interpersonal skills and granting opportunities for actualization and self expression. On a community level perspective, the concept of resilience is complex and understood as associated to a sense of belonging, networks and connectedness, identity and place. While traditional arts have debates on the role of the arts have mainly dealt with beauty and aesthetics, the arts are mainly concerned with meaning and are employed as a form of communication.

“Thus the arts can be a vehicle for an agent for social change through their use as a social marketing tool to raise awareness of a particular issue, to make a statement, or in a protest” Jermyn, 2001;Kagan, 2008; Mills & Brown, 2004; Shaw, 2003.

This approach applies the arts as a means to occupy local people to work towards solutions to local problems to address injustice experienced as a result of globalisation.