Kineza DJ Set @ the football field

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What are you going to present in this year’s Xarkis Festival?

I’ve really been looking forward to playing at XARKIS this year. The fact that it’s going to be in a dusty football field really urges me to be as playful as possible… My end goal is to play music that raises a copious amount of  dust from all dancing feet… If I’m being honest, I just like to drink rum and be as impulsive as possible so I can’t really know what music I’ll be playing right now, I probably won’t even know until I’m there with everyone’s energy. However… definitely visualise…. a Cypriot dust storm.

With which way do you interact with publics?

I watch them (and occasionally I pour shots for them) but usually, I watch how their bodies move. Actually, I think the best tell for how people are feeling during sets are what they are doing with their hands. If the hands are moving loads then I keep the same pace or even turn it up a notch. For me it’s all about the energy I get from the audience. That’s what drives me. Well, that and the rum.

Which of your acts would you characterize as being the most intense or strange?

Well there’s two of them… One of the was a gig in London at the Pickle Factory. It was on a Sunday in mid-March, it was snowing like mad and STILL my entire friends group showed up ready to party. We all got pretty wasted and I played Raingurl by Yaeji (because that was our theme tune at the time) and it was like a drunken Irish karaoke. Another, was when I played a 6+ hour set at club in Limassol, called Rote. By 3am the dancefloor was chock-full of dancing bodies – everyone was intoxicated (in one way or another) and it felt like I could do whatever I wanted with all those bodies. The best moment of the evening (in-club) for me was playing Peggy Lee’s Fever midway through set (as recommended by my bestie Adonis), and just watching everyone grab whoever was next to them and start serenading and dancing together. A lot of dancing that happens in clubs that I play at is usually solo dancing (which is what I usually do myself) but when the music gets real good, people just want to dance with each other, it’s always really encouraging to watch! After the club I met some really nice guys that I had met at a gig before (shout out to Artemis, Dionysis and Charalambos) who drove all the way from Nicosia to see me play! We went back to their apartment and just spent the next three hours having an after party and talking… and then… Zorpas, of course!


Kineza | DJ Set | Xarkis Festival 2018
Saturday, 18th of August @ the football field


the hat, the rum, the sweat, the rumble, the jazz, the drums, the tumble, the naughty bods, the shots, the mojito with extra lemon & vod, the fan club, the palio-what (?), the sass, the bass, the drunken hug, the pashia, boogie nightin’, the skinny dip & ocean fumble, the curses, the blessings, the insta-stories I’ll soon regret, holding on until the end, souvlaki or fried chicken, but sometimes prawn crackers instead, the afterparty, driving into the sunrise, the night never ends.

Kineza explores the relationship between genres, from deep electronic beats to etheric bleeps and tribal rhythms, for the intuitive sake of mood, unique to that moment – whether it’s for the lone survivors of an afterparty or to the masses of a dance-floor.

Kineza | DJ Set | Φεστιβάλ Ξαρκής 2018
Σάββατο, 18 Αυγούστου στο γήπεδο

Η Kineza διερευνά τη σχέση μεταξύ των ειδών της μουσικής, από ακραίους ηλεκτρονικούς ρυθμούς μέχρι αιθέριους, παραδοσιακούς ήχους και φυλετικούς ρυθμούς, με ενδιαφέρον για την ενστικτώδη διάθεση, μοναδική για εκείνη τη στιγμή.

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