Aristi Pavlou on Understanding Space and her Work with Xarkis

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Questions by Anastasia Prokopi Taki


You are participating for a second time in Xarkis Festival. What will you present this year?

This year I am presenting an audio-walk, which will be inspired by the local architecture, history and everyday life of the village. The audio-walk aspires to give an ephemeral experience of the space and let the people, locals and festival visitors experience it through a different point of view. 


To what degree are the interpretations you give differentiated from the sense of space as an architect and scenographer?

Space is an experience by itself. Materiality, height differences, natural and artificial lighting, are elements which alter a visitor’s experience of a space. The way a space is designed, can create certain feelings to the visitor, either feeling relaxed or even controlled. As an architect, I am trying to find those elements in the existing architectural space, think what can be their functionality and connect them in a route.

Here is when the scenographer comes in. A scenographer sees the space as something ephemeral, a storyteller. This is the interesting part of my audio-walk experiments, since I am trying to connect more static and permanent elements and give to them performative properties, like temporality and theatricality, through the narrative of an audio-walk. 


To which people is this action targeted towards? What are your expectations?

The action is targeted to the locals and visitors of the festival. I would like for the locals to experience their village through a different point of view, you can say by looking through my eyes, and for the festival visitors to let go, follow the audio guidance and get acquainted with Polystipos.

Aristi Pavlou is completing her MA in Scenography from the HKU University in the Netherlands. Having a background in architecture, she is interested in the connections between architecture and scenography and aims to create experiences where space becomes ephemeral. She is investigating how architectural space can acquire performative elements, like temporality, narrative and theatricality.

Aristi’s Audio Walks taking people on a narrative driven journey through Polystipos will be on both Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th from 16:00 – 18:00

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