Vardit Goldner on her work and ambitions

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Questions by Anastasia Prokopi Taki


What will you present in this year’s Xarkis Festival? What are your personal ambitions?

I’m going to present a video work showing people from the village as they prepare supper and eat it. Through the videos, some of the culture of the people might be revealed.

I’m interested in different societies and cultures and I’m curious to see how other people live.


What basic themes is your work about? How did your personal involvement, as an artist, with these elements of the human everyday come about?

The work is about people and their daily life. Also in my photography I deal with those non-dramatic moments of daily life.

I started filming one supper as an exercise for a course in my studies. I liked the contact that was created between the filmed lady and me during the filming so I chose to continue with this project. In Israel I filmed a series of women who live alone, a series of families that live in a small town, and now I work on suppers of disabled. I would love to create more series, first in Polystipos and around the Mediterranean, where I come from, and later all over the world.


What would be your personal definition of the Mediterranean family and the Mediterranean dinner?

I don’t know. That’s what I hope to discover.

Vardit Goldner is a photography and video artist. Goldner is primarily engaged in documenting the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and in particular its effects on the daily life of Palestinians. In her recent work, Goldner creates video works showing people preparing and eating supper. Goldner studied at Beit Berl College, Israel, completing a Postgraduate Fine Arts Program in 2016.

Vardit will be presenting a screening of her work, ‘Supper in Polystipos, which shows an intimate vignette of the lives of families and also women who live alone, following the process of preparing and eating a meal.

Supper in Polystipos will be shown on Saturday the 17th of August at 17:30


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