Flowing Consciousness with The Great Circus of Failure

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Questions by Anastasia Prokopi Taki


What brings you this year to the mountainous Polystipos and to Xarkis Festival?

It is entirely irrelevant to the world whether we exist or not, friends. Making creatures. Living gentle, making creatures, seeing rivers. Living coexistence, perform coexistence, gentle discovering, living gentle. Sharing and establishing. Making among coexistence, perform mountains. Gentle new friends who are rivers. Discovering rivers, moments. Slight murmurs in dreaming sleep.


Which was the incentive to select this theme for the workshop you are proposing? What are your expectations?

Stories and exchanging established together. Exchanging experiences. Possibility of freedom and expectation of equal borders. Failure to expect and freedom games. Interesting borders, new non-verbal possibility of fragile establishing.

Together crossing discoveries. Discovering games, possible, non-verbal freedom. Establishing, sharing, playing freedom.

Fragile freedom to act possibility of establishing equal experiences. Possibility for games, fairytales. Borders to possibility. Games, sharing freedom is fragile experiences. Sharing of communication, merging stories, non-verbal failure act, possibility leads to possibility. Establish possible of new borders. Playing equal possibility, creating situations, establishing experiences. Creating games, communication crossing freedom situations. Stories. Act establishing in space, act in possibility. Games to share and to expect and to discover. Stories leads to situations. Space is non-verbal sharing, playing.


To what extent do you find problematic or dysfunctional communication which is gradually being established between members of contemporary society? (With reference to communication that is mainly realised through technological tools and which affects the wider concept of trust between people.) What impact do these matters have on your work and on your actions?

We are concerned with the alienation from reality and simple human coexisting and sharing joy and creativity in contemporary society. This loose of simple, sincere, more sensual than verbal communication is one of the main intentions of our work. We are trying to reestablish non-pragmatic joyful connections and discover spaces of cohabitation of human beings, creatures and landscapes.   

Simple, non-pragmatic spaces of joy. In communication comes intention. Sharing intentions. Coexisting of reality and beings. Verbal intentions and creatures with sensual joy reestablishing reality.

I am learning nothing. It’s fifty years from now and there’s this one animal left.

Great Circus of Failure was formed by Petr Laden and Masha
Fomenko in the spring of 2018, and are based in Berlin and Moscow.

Petr and Masha will be running two workshops on Saturday from 14:00 – 16:00 and on Sunday from 11:00 – 13:00The outcome of their process will come in a presentation on Sunday at 17:30

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