Ewelina Węgiel on her Creative Process

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Photo Credit: Emma Louise Charalambos


Questions by Anastasia Prokopi Taki


What brings you this year to the mountainous village of Polystipos and to Xarkis Festival?

Local people, who I have never met before, culture, traditions, stories they have to tell


Which elements of the everyday incentivise the multiple years of your working with the documentation of human moments? How did this obsession of yours come about?

I like to explore the topic deeply, through conversations, discovering a completely different world that exists in the consciousness, imagination of the community.


What expectations do you have from the contact and interaction with the residents of a traditional mountainous village in our small Mediterranean island?

I mean just to not have any expectations, I do not want to act, using any imaginations, information from the Internet. I take knowledge directly from people.

Which basic human values do you think are long standing and ecumenical? 

I have no idea, I don’t have an answer for such questions, maybe my works do, but I would never try to define it.

Ewelina Węgiel works and studies in Krakow and Zurich. She communicates with people and communities through art, compulsively filming events that are important to locals and their everyday life.

At 5pm today, Saturday the 17th of August, Ewelina will be screening a documentary that she has produced over her time this week in Polystipos

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