Transcending Musical Borders of Sound with George Bizios

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Questions by Anastasia Prokopi Taki


What are you going to present this year at Xarkis Festival?

I’m going to present a combination of my work as a solo artist and a collaborative project that came about during my residency at Xarkis. Both parts of the presentation are based on improvisation and aim to question and re-evaluate the meaning of borders in terms of sound, in a musical context, but also between two different disciplines.


How did your interest in studying the many possibilities offered to a musician today arise, especially in relation to the rapid evolution of technology and the means of audio production?

Interestingly enough, it didn’t have to do so much with the technological evolution itself, rather with improvisation and working with other disciplines. It is still a technology however, just a more organic one based on curiosity, imagination, exploration and reflection.


As with other facets of modern creation, such as in the realm of music, the boundaries between the different genres or categories are no longer clear. How easy or confusing is this condition for a musician?

Despite how interesting things might have become, it can be very confusing and distracting, especially for young musicians/music students. Besides our individual artistic exploration we should not forget to dive into the history and tradition of any given music genre and make sure to study and internalize the fundamentals of the music; development should happen in both ways simultaneously.

George Bizios is a guitarist from Limassol. In 2013, he moved to the Netherlands where he also completed his music studies. He received lessons on improvisation with some of the most renowned musicians in the German/Dutch creative and free-improvised scene and has participated in many ensembles including jazz bands and multi-disciplinary projects. George is currently residing in Brussels and is active as a band leader and a solo artist.

George took part in the Experimental Ziafettin on the opening night of Xarkis 2019. Come along to see him today, Saturday 17th, at the concert with his performance: Transcending musical borders of Sound, doors open 19:30

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