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Founded in 2013, Xarkis is a non-profit organisation focused on cultural activism. We work with communities, involving people from diverse educational, disciplinary, professional, generational and ethnic backgrounds in various initiatives. We are nomadic and based in different parts of Europe, travelling across communities in rural and urban contexts of Cyprus. We deliver site-specific projects that are inspired by the experience of everyday life in specific localities, employing socially engaged practices in each instance.

We are currently preparing for the implementation of fresh and exciting projects and are looking to add new members to the NGO committee and core team, based on the following priorities: Financial Coordination for Xarkis’ financial operations and Strategic Development for managing all aspects related to Xarkis development via fundraising.

Please note that we are also open to considering proposals from people who may have different skill-sets and experience and who may want to join Xarkis team to contribute in other ways.

Scroll down for further information on the specific roles.

We organise, curate and manage interdisciplinary arts festivals, multi-artists’ residency programmes, non-formal education programmes exhibitions, workshops, talks, lectures, communication design initiatives including communication strategies, campaigns, films, publications and participatory web platforms.

As an interdisciplinary team, Xarkis specialises in community engagement, creative direction, project management, research, education and practice in the fields of communication design, social design (incl. service design, co-design and design activism), architecture, visual arts (incl. fine art, performance art and experiential dance), cultural heritage and social psychology, with a strong interest in humans and the environment. We offer design and co-design services as well as curation, production and facilitation of cultural, participatory and socially engaged initiatives.

Xarkis is currently looking for a Finance Officer to work on the financial aspects of the NGO and offer advice on the projects’ organization and related budgets, bookkeeping etc.

The Finance Officer will:

  • Draft and develop the budgets for the Organisation
  • Monitor expenses and income
  • Monitor all financial accounts including financial expenditures and bookkeeping
  • Input and organise all financial information
  • Maintain all financial records for the organization and its projects.
  • Draft, provide and maintain donor/sponsorship agreements and service agreements
  • Undertake financial control, prepare and analyze budgets, create financial report
  • Produce recommendations on budget expenditures
  • Receive approvals from the Director and from donors/sponsors on all purchases / rental agreements, for the organization and its projects.
  • Monitor disbursements to make sure that program funds are allocated appropriately by the end of each upcoming year.
  • Offer orientation and training to the organization staff on cost-effective management.
  • Supervise the financial audits of all projects of the organization.
  • Offer financial inputs for proposal development, project management, human resource management policies, logistics, travel and other areas of administration.
  • Ensure that all financial reporting is completed and submitted appropriately and on time to donors.

The selected individual will oversee the financial operations of Xarkis organisation and guarantee well-timed and systematic financial reports and methods including cash management, payroll etc. The new member will lead this process and be responsible for the efficient management of financial activities of Xarkis NGO with our support and contribution to their work.

Please note that this position is a call to join the NGO and is a part time position to contribute to the financial aspects of the work. The fees will depend upon securing funding and will be discussed with the member.

Xarkis is currently looking for a Strategic Development Officer to raise funds and ensure the development and sustainability of the organisation.

The Strategic Development Officer will:

  • Research funding schemes online and locally
  • Identify donor opportunities and organise these
  • Create a database of existing and possible future donors
  • Answer to donor tenders / sponsorship applications and call for proposals
  • Write and develop grant /other application proposals
  • Write appeals wherever necessary
  • Represent the organization at donor/sponsorship meetings and follow-up on possible funding opportunities.
  • Investigate strategies for long-term sustainability of the organization and its activities
  • Create business plans for the purpose of ensuring sustainability of projects and to secure long-term incomes for the organization and staff members.
  • Build and liaise with contacts that can become donors, sponsors and partners
  • Raise funds for the activities of the organization
  • Advance and develop communications material for the organization such as presentations, brochure, website, annual report, booklet, zine etc.
  • Connect with private agencies, the government and other organisations to discuss possible collaborations and avenues to fundraise for the organization.
  • Recommend other potential ideas for effective resource organisation and mobilisation.

The selected individual will be responsible for the creation, planning, implementation, management and overseeing of all components related to fundraising for the organization.

Please note that the fees will depend upon securing fundraising and will be discussed with the member.

Reporting to: The Budgeting & Fundraising team which comprises the Director who functions as the Fundraising & Sustainability Advisor, and the Budgeting Advisor. The new member will collaborate with this team to create a solid structure and will have support from the afore-mentioned members.

The Finance Officer and Communication & Fundraising Officer will be part of the NGO committee. 

The committee is a team of individuals that collaborate to realize the vision, mission and means of Xarkis and as part of their positions, assume multiple roles and responsibilities. These include:

  • Employing knowledge, understanding and communicating key issues, challenges, resources.
  • Advising and participating in the conceptualization and / or processes or delivery of projects.
  • Mapping where possible grounds for collaborations with teams, individuals and initiatives exist.
  • Informing and suggesting priorities and recommended action plan for the organisation
  • Contributing to the agenda of board meetings and working group meetings.
  • Offering constructive feedback, exchange of ideas on current and future initiatives.
  • Engaging in collaborative thinking and practise
  • In terms of performance, maintaining high standards of transparency and accountability.
  • Researching, identifying and informing the team of relative funding resources.
  • Advocating for funding strategies and participating in funding decisions.
  • Considering, approving and supervising arrangements with collaborators.
  • Participating in working groups of Xarkis projects.
  • Participating in monthly meetings and monthly training seminars
  • Voting in all board decisions.
  • Connecting with and ensuring focus remains on central pillars of interest.
  • Highlighting significance in community-based projects.
  • Contributing towards the creation and continuation of Xarkis’ practice based research initiatives.
  • Consulting with and reporting to a wider community of collaborators, on a regular basis, about the research, progress and outputs of Xarkis’ initiatives.

Please note:

  • The positions are for at least three years.
  • The positions are subject to a performance review that is organized on a yearly basis, which outcomes are essential and may result in the appointed member to have to step down.

Application process:

Nominated individuals need to prepare and submit a single PDF file that includes the following:

  • Name, mobile phone number, age and address.
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV) outlining experience (maximum 2 pages).
  • Short motivation letter with summary showing an understanding of Xarkis and its vision for the future as well as their own significant skill sets and capabilities, relative experience and industry links (up to 500 words)
  • References are welcome.

Please send your application at: [email protected]
Please note that positions for NGO committee members are voluntary.

📸 © Xarkis Festival 2019, Emma Louise PhotographyFt. Great Circus of Failure with Petr Laden + Masha Fomenko (RU, DE)

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