A New Day in Cyprus was a celebration of Cyprus’ youth taking things into their own hands. The last few years (both pre and post crisis) have seen Cyprus drowning in fears of socio-economic collapse, misrepresentation by politically incapable leadership and cultural stagnation. This is not a reality the new generations are ready to accept. Non-profit collectives such as Xorko, Xarkis and The Cyprus Dossier are some of many breaths of fresh air that have emerged out of this dreariness and nourished the island’s health with hope and unflinching faith in its culture and people – a reminder that we are more than just economic variables.

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On the 21st of December 2013, The Cyprus Dossier, in collaboration with Xarkis and Xorko, took over the Ellas pavilion at the Cyprus State Fair. During the day, Xarkis organised creative workshops, market stalls and presentations in celebration of both traditional and contemporary Cypriot culture. Live music and theatre will conclude the day program. Then, in the evening, Xorko presented a music program with exciting upcoming DJs and producers pumping out beats that reminded us of the raw and powerful energy of youth.

The Cyprus Dossier also launched its 6th issue: A New Day in Cyprus.