In order to achieve its goals, Xarkis:

1. Undertakes initiatives and organizes residency-based international Festivals, with the participation of educators, performance artists, designers, makers, contemporary artists, and musicians.

2. Raises awareness about local culture, which it promotes to the communities of a region towards the Cypriot public and abroad, contributing to both the revitalization and the promotion of Cyprus.

3. Experiments and modernizes traditional techniques and customs, as well as other aspects of regional culture and everyday life, as it appeared in the past and as it manifests today.

4. Uses creative communication tools such as filming and photography, which through the internet, contribute to the development of a dialogue between individuals and communities.

5. Collects historical information from alternative sources such as oral stories, that are traditionally only preserved by viva voce and word-of-mouth communication within communities. To this end, Xarkis ensures appropriate training in educational workshops with volunteers participating in such programs.

6. It develops programs and co-operates in the creation of non-formal education projects.

7. Xarkis’s work is based on the voluntary participation of members and collaborators, and on buying services which are funded by grants, donations and contributions from both the public and semi-public sectors, and the private sector (e.g. businesses, banks, community authorities, individuals etc).