On 15-17th of August 2013, approximately 600 people came together in the mountainous village of Arsos in Cyprus, to participate in a new co-design and socio-material assembly that went by the name of Xarkis.

In this framework structure, Xarkis festival consisted of 14 daytime activities including workshops, inductions, presentations and a cohesive music program.

The infrastructure was based on six everyday crucial contexts: economic mobility, health, food, ad hocism, culture and heritage, all under notions of sustainability.

Workshop processes were ranging from distillation of herbs, to creating sculptures with hay, mud brick and limited use of manufactured goods. Match making processes were also encouraged during the festival, like a collaboration between a traditional food producer and a contemporary product designer to make bread and use it as a symbolic glue for vernacular products.

To certify that the current skills could be made assets in the design process, meant to transform the participants’ profile: Instead of perceiving them as bearers of needs and problems, the idea was to view them as active and collaborative co-designers and co-producers that can enrich the process, by bearing exceptionally valuable knowledge and ideas for solutions.


Mairead Gillespie

Anna Nazo

Peter Eramian

Anastasia Prokopi Taki



“Symbiosis”: Preparation of bread using prozimi
 With Sophia Charalambous


Νew media (Sculpture & Character Design)
– With Nicholas Hasapopoulos & Constantinos Kouyialis


Distillation of Herbs
 With Christos Kayias


Crafty Graphic Making
 With Despina Kannaourou


Constructing the Traditional Cypriot Flute
With Charalambos Charalambous


Real Life Design
With Mairead Gillespie


Traditional Ceramic Architecture (with clay bricks)
– With Andreas Fasoulides


Laughter Yoga: Joy Boosting
– With Elina Papa


Souvenir Design
 Wth Draw collective


Unleashing Personal Confidence
– With Andria Evagorou and Little Box Theatre


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