“Nearly all history of Cyprus can be traced in one village – in Kalavasos.” Alison, Archaeologist.

These workshops were facilitated as part of “Tenta Cultural Festival”, in Kalavasos.

They negotiate the experience of the museum as a space for education, play and interaction. Through the workshops, we inaugurated conversation with local stakeholders and experts on several matters that concern the functionality of the local museum of Kalavasos, with the approach of participatory design. The workshops ended with the preparation of clay vessels and the capturing of stories to symbolically connect yesterday’s Cyprus to today.

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To continue, in the next workshops we will examine existing signage systems to create graphic design proposals that aim to amplify visitors’ interest about the museum exhibits.

Xarkis’ workshops were facilitated by:

Christina Skarpari (Main Organizer)

Andreas Fasoulides (Pottery)

Despina Kannaourou (Graphic Design)

Photography: Marilena, Felix, Melita & Alexandros.