Xarkis, as a means in achieving its mission, wishes to engage in the following activities:

– Apply ‘participatory design’ processes and ‘socially responsive’ practises.

– Engage with local communities through organizing and curating projects such as festivals.

– Organize and curate summits, conferences and other initiatives that are publicly accessible.

– Raise awareness about the history of local culture and contribute towards its preservation and / or rejuvenation.

– Experiment with and cross-fertilize ideas that blend together aspects of the history and current aspects of local culture.

– To use creative tools that foster inter communal dialogue, with the aim to build an infrastructure of publics.

– To test alternative sources of historical information, through facilitating crowd sourced oral history collections and workshop training that sheds light into the history of local communities.

– Initiate and create socially engaged visual communication projects, such as documentaries, websites, digital libraries and more.

– Publish, create and take part in community based creative projects and foster cross-cultural collaborations.

– Facilitate, curate and co-create non-formal education initiatives such as workshops and talks.

– Receive funds, inter alia, in the form of contributions, sponsorships, donations and grants.

– Take part and collaborate with other teams in projects with a socially engaged aspect.