Xarkis Residency & Festival 2021

Going back to the roots: environment and society

We’re hiring! 

After a long-awaited period, we are happy to announce that we are preparing for a fresh and exciting version of Xarkis Multi-Residency Program and the Xarkis Festival to take place from 10-18th October 2021 in Lympia. We are looking to recruit professionals to join the Xarkis Festival team, as follows: 

  • Technical coordinator
  • Communication & content creator
  • Filmmaking
  • Co-curator of space
  • Cashier coordinator
  • Bar coordinator
  • Hospitality coordinator


To apply, send:

  • Your motivation letter of a maximum of 200 words.
  • A brief biography of a maximum of 200 words.

Send to: in a single PDF file.

Key Dates 

Deadline to apply: 5th of September 2021

Role starts: immediately

At location: 10th-18th of October 2021

Starting day of Residency & Introduction: 10th of October 2021

End date of Residency: 14th of October 2021

Festival dates: 15-17th October 2021

What we offer:

  • A fee for your participation 


During Residency & Festival:

  • Accommodation in a shared/communal space
  • Three meals per day from our collective kitchen

Responsibilities include:

  • Draft plan of action for the communication, with dates and proposed media contacts to disseminate the communication to, locally and abroad (arranging interviews, articles, live streaming etc)
  • Proofreading texts on posters and public-facing communication
  • Preparing and uploading new content, including written and visual communication posts to promote the Festival and being responsible for editing, spelling, editing on all social media posts 
  • Preparation and collection of written material, photographs and/or collection of original visual material by participants of the Festival
  • Bilingual communication – translation wherever necessary in Greek and English 
  • Writing interview questions for participants
  • Taking photographs and videos wherever possible of participants and their initiatives
  • Create a Facebook event page with a press release and Festival main info 

Responsibilities include:

  • Creating and maintaining an excel sheet as the hospitality rider
  • Regular communication with coordinators, staff, artists, musicians, cultural actors and volunteers
  • For international participants: providing airport info. and scheduling transfers before and after the event
  • Creating an excel sheet with the nutritional needs of the participants and communicating them in advance to the kitchen coordinator
  • Producing an excel sheet with holistic info. on hospitality of all participants – inc. hours of arrivals – departures, places of stay, nutritional needs and ensuring that the programme is maintained
  • Finding and booking accommodation for participants, considering budget and number of people to accommodate
  • First person to be contacted by all the Festival participants
  • Preparing a PDF welcome pack for all collaborators; tailored according to type of participation 
  • Responsibility for the cleanliness of participants’ accommodation spaces
  • Responsibility for the transfer of the participants to and from their accommodation
  • Responsibility for making sure the program of the festival runs on time, in consultation with other coordinators
  • Safekeeping of keys
  • Making sure participants eating needs, drinks & beverages are met before, during and after the event (based on the Festival’s budget and capacity) 
  • Make sure there is breakfast, lunch and dinner at the scheduled time for all of the participants 
  • Facilitate preparation and maintenance of camping sites for people outside the organization 
  • Writing an evaluation after the event

Responsibilities include:

  • Contribute towards the selection of appropriate cashiers
  • Attend at least 2 meetings before the Festival, welcome cahier and desk team and familiarize them with each activity that happens in the festival
  • Creating and organizing the cashiers, shifts and programme through Excel sheet
  • Welcoming the cashiers at Xarkis Festival 2021 
  • Cashiers’ punctuality and adherence to the program
  • Support and supervision to make sure the team works in a safe, clean and friendly environment
  • Management of funds, counting and safekeeping of money, before, during and after the event 
  • Provide guidance, support, resources and communication tools for the Festival’s cashiers and people at reception 
  • Provide information on the values of the Festival to the general public for people who will carry out transactions at reception points
  • To cooperate and consult with the responsible volunteers and hospitality coordinator
  • Writing an evaluation after the event

Responsibilities include:

  • Drafting a Festival tool kit list in consultation with other coordinators
  • Writing an inventory of this tool kit,  purchasing or borrowing all items for the duration of the event and having the responsibility to return items to owners in original condition
  • Creating an excel sheet with a programme outlining the needs for technical setups
  • Supporting the artists for any setup e.g. stage set up, live film screening, music concert, workshops, performances, talks, installations and other activities
  • Decide on the designated warehouse space to safeguard equipment and festival materials 
  • During the Festival, to keep all equipment under this category in a safe and secure space
  • Welcoming the tech and maintenance crew at Xarkis Festival 2021
  • Maintenance of the sites, setting up and handling of the equipment 
  • Setting up soft spaces, tents, and coordinating the camping area 
  • Τransporting of the maintenance crew 
  • Sharing knowledge of techniques and handicrafts involved in preventive maintenance, cleanliness and construction 
  • Having the festival toolkit in a safe and secure space and helping residents, workshop facilitators and musicians to set up their work
  • Village visits, suggesting event locations for workshops, fine art performances, and live music performances, considering health and safety and run risk assessments when necessary 
  • Writing an evaluation after the event

Responsibilities include:

  • Recommend bar crew based on budget and needs 
  • Creating Excel sheet with bartenders inc. contact details, arrival times, shifts, needs, etc 
  • Responsibility to create a bar menu, with a meeting for tasting and meeting bar crew
  • Once the menu is finalised should be communicated to the production assistant and graphic designer 
  • Responsibility to make a bar order and any other materials for the bar that falls within the Festival’s budget 
  • Punctual transportation of materials, bar components and team to Festival and back 
  • Welcoming the bartenders at Xarkis Festival 2021
  • Coordinating the Bar Team and storage of drinks and beverages
  • Setting up the fridges wherever applicable 
  • Safekeeping of vouchers
  • Taking invoices for any payments due and sending them to the financial coordinator of Xarkis
  • Writing a detailed evaluation after the event 

Responsibilities include:

  • To film a Festival trailer in the community of Lympia
  • Holistic documentary-style film making of Xarkis Multi-residency and Festival 
  • Highlights video to be produced after the Festival
  • Film editing and subtitling must be arranged by the filmmaker