This summer, Xarkis participated with Xarkis Festival in the group exhibition called “The Cyprus Circle” at Point Centre of Contemporary Art, in Nicosia. The exhibition included a wide selection from Xarkis Festival 2015 workshop and performance results and was embraced by local audiences. Other initiatives of the group exhibition included project work by The Cypriot Puzzle, The Green Line Project & Global Shapers Nicosia. The Cyprus Circle Exhibition was co-curated by Christina Skarpari, Demetris Ikonomou & Kleanthis Rousos.

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Participating initiatives from Xarkis Festival 2015:

Architecture & Weaving with Chryso Onisiforou, Joanna Jossif & Elina Pattichi

Photographing The Vernacular Material Culture with Nico Philippou

Pikla Project with George Leontiou

Voicing Stories with The Cypriot Puzzle & Xarkis

The Onion Skin (Layering & Casting Memories) with Draw Collective

Common Collections with Theseas Efstathopoulos & Adonis Archontides

Innovation Gym – Specialized Workshop with The Cultural And Research Foundation ARTos & Achilleas Kentonis

Spatial DiscussionsSpecialized Workshop with The Cyprus᾽Architects’ Association & The Architecture Department at Frederick University

Karagkiozis with Thodoris Kostidakis

Moving Myths with Korallia Stergides

Prayers To Eyesight with Demetra Petsa

Paper Maquettes by Despina Kannaourou

Video Installation by Maria Spivak

Photography by Panayiotis Mina

Thank you for gracing us with your presence!

Thanks to Athos Myrianthous & Stavros Kessler for contributing these pictures. If you also have pictures from the exhibition launch, which could enter our photographic archive, please contact us here or at [email protected]