Christina Skarpari

Christina Skarpari is an artist, designer and educator with a strong interest in community-oriented, socially engaged practices. Since 2013, Christina founded Xarkis NGO for which she now functions as its Creative Director. As part of Xarkis, she conceptualises, curates, facilitates and produces cultural events, artist residencies, exhibitions, non-formal education programs, participatory design workshops and communication design projects. This initiative began during her MA in Communication Design at Central Saint Martins, UAL (2012-2014), through the conceptualisation and realisation of Xarkis Festival an event that marked the start of her collaborative artistic practice.
Christina’s practice weaves autobiographical and participatory observations and spans a range of media including storytelling through event design, poetry, film, photography and more. She is interested in the intersections between culture and heritage and in capturing the ordinary and extraordinary reflections of the everyday. In academia, she is pursuing a practice-based research degree, (PhD) focused on socially responsive design and community resilience and works as an associate lecturer at Central Saint Martins.

Valentin Musteata

Valentin Musteata began his training in social entrepreneurship, safety in internet and global mobility in European programmes via YEU International in 2014. His participation in the European and Non-Governmental sector led to his recruitment at Xarkis NGO in 2015. Initially working as a project collaborator, Valentin developed skills of web-mastering, web-design and web-maintenance ( and xarkisfestival2018). Part of his responsibilities entail that the branding and design identity are easy to use and aligned with the web interface. This knowledge and input alongside his skill in coordinating projects, advanced the Organization’s communication channels, which led to Valentin’s delegation as Technical Director and Financial coordinator of Xarkis. Valentin’s work synthesizes theoretical and practical skills and involves quick thinking as well as the ability to work comfortably under pressure. Outside the scope of Xarkis, Valentin works seasonally as a bike tour leader and logistics coordinator at Siciclando bike tours across Italy.

Demetra Kallistsi

Demetra Kallitsi (born 1989, Nicosia) is a conceptual artist, working in the mediums of performance art, textiles/embroidery and poetry/creative writing. She completed an MA in Fine Arts at The University of Brighton, UK, 2013 and a BA in Visual Arts at the University of Salford, Manchester, UK, 2012. Kallitsi has presented her artwork in solo and collaborative art performances, art exhibitions, short films and theatre plays in Cyprus, Germany, Malta, Italy and the United Kingdom. In 2016, Kallitsi, in collaboration with Jacqueline van De Geere, co-created ‘Blind Date’; a platform for artistic collaborations in performance art in Germany, Canada and Cyprus. In 2017, she served as the Financial Manager for PRWeile Studio, Berlin, Germany, in 2014-2016 as the Cultural Officer at ARTos Cultural & Research Foundation, Nicosia, Cyprus and in the year 2013 as the Museum Coordinator for the Loukia & Michael Zampelas Art Museum, Nicosia, Cyprus. Kallitsi currently holds the Administration & HR Officer position at the Centre for Sustainable Peace and Democratic Development – SeeD.


Demetra is a board member of Xarkis NGO and the Performance Art & Visual Arts coordinator for Xarkis Festival and Artist Residency.

Anastasia McCammon

Anastasia works with and studies the medium of the body. The body as a means to explore, frame and understand situational experiences. Her work uses critical research and somatic practices to craft theatrical stories and provoke discursive thought. Receiving her dance training and Bachelors degree in California, she has had the pleasure of dancing in historic works by choreographers Jose Limon and Andrea Miller, as well as alongside several recognized artists. These include Yvonne Rainer’s Dance Company, Simone Forti, Anna Halprin and the Jacquelyn Buglisi Dance Company. Having toured in Europe and the Americas, and presenting research at international conferences has continued to build her interests in exploring various mediums, working for festivals, gallery spaces and film. She is currently completing a masters thesis at the Dutch Art Institute (DAI Romaing Academy), part of ArtEZ Hogeschool Voor De Kunstenin the Netherlands. Anastasia is a member of Xarkis NGO, and works as Dance and Theatre Residency coordinator and Workshop Facilitator at Xarkis Festival.

Ana Bujosevic

Ana Bujošević is a multidisciplinary designer, illustrator, and art consultant, currently based in Paris. Her work explores the intimate relationship of anatomy and expression, through a flirtatious interplay of yonic and phallic elements of nature. Being originally from Serbia, she is particularly interested in Balkan folk culture, and seeks to explore its relationship with contemporary art. Ana is currently pursuing an M.A. In Arts Market Management, at École d’Arts et de Culture, in Paris. In parallel, she is a designer and art consultant for VISTO Images.


She is a board member of Xarkis NGO, and works as Arts Residency Coordinator and Graphic Designer for Xarkis Festival.

Rosa Couloute

Architect and conceptual artist, Rosa Couloute forms half of the Nicosia based architectural partnership 2:xwrov (Double Spaced). Nominated for the RIBA Silver Medal Award and exhibited at the Royal Academy of Arts London, with a piece epitomising her ability and interest in spanning art and architecture. Deeply rooted in themes of self-identity, post-colonialism and feminist theory Rosa’s work takes form in the practice of architecture, special design and fashion. Collaborating with Cypriot artists and writers circle Re:Aphrodite, Rosa recently exhibited and published her project Heir of Paffetine as part of their international social engaged project.


As a member of Xarkis NGO, as well as the Festival Team, Rosa will be collaborating with Thanasis Christofides to address the designing of spaces within the village for festival goers.

Thanasis Christofides

Certified architect, Thanasis Christofides is a key partner and project director of 2:xwrov (Double Spaced). Gaining valued experience and a passion for the restoration of listed Cypriot buildings, Thanasis creates innovative projects that champion and preserve Cypriot architecture and individual memories, realised through a prism of contemporary attention to detail and design. As the owner of Kafenio O Platanos, Thanasis runs a traditional Cypriot coffee shop in Old Kaimakli (Nicosia) serving as a social hub within the local community, hosting a number of cultural events and workshops.

Thanasis is a member of Xarkis NGO and will be collaborating with Rosa Couloute at the Xarkis Festival 2019, for the designation and designing of spaces within the hosting village.

Andys Skordis

Andys Skordis is a Cypriot composer born in 1983. He studied composition at Berklee College of Music and at the Conservatorium Van Amsterdam, with additional studies in Karnatic music with Dr. Rafael Reina and in Balinese Gamelan at ISI Denpasar in Bali. His work list includes operas, orchestral and chamber pieces, Gamelan music, vocal works, and music for dance, theatre and short films. His music has been performed worldwide by many acclaimed musicians and renowned ensembles, in festivals and concerts of contemporary music. In addition, he has created various music theatre performances in unconventional spaces like quarries, temples, abandoned buildings, and so on. His music has received international recognition through various prizes including the BUMA Toonzetters prize, one of the highest composition prizes in The Netherlands, and more. At the moment he lives in Amsterdam where he teaches at the Conservatorium Van Amsterdam and composes music.


He works as the music curator and the music residency coordinator of Xarkis Festival

Yiannis Hadjiosif

Yiannis Hadjiosif works in music education, on guitar and vocal coaching. He studied at the Department of traditional music in the Technological educational institute of Epirus, Arta, Greece and specialised in music education with additional studies on folk guitar with Mr.Dimitris Mystakidis and Mr.Mpampis Papadopoulos. He also specialised in electric guitar with Mr.Georgios Stavrou, Cypriot composer, at ARTE music Academy of Nicosia, Cyprus. During that time he also completed his vocal coaching and vocal training with Mr. Christos Koutrafouris. He has been a music teacher on acoustic-electric guitar, vocals and on theory of music education for 6 years, working as an external collaborator in conservatories and workshops specialised for children and adults. In the last few years he has been collaborating with music festivals in Cyprus and Greece and is involved in the orchestration of live and recorded projects. In 2010 he co-created the circle of music labs alongside colleagues and friends, which specialised on the methodology of music perception in personal and musical ensembles / groups as well for children and adults. An important purpose of these labs is the combination of different families of instruments and bringing different musical approaches closer.

He is a member of Xarkis Festival team, working as the music coordinator.

Anastasia Prokopi Taki

Anastasia Prokopi Taki is an honours graduate of the Department of Architecture of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. She has worked in various architectural offices over time, with participations and distinctions in pancyprian competitions. She has had the opportunity to work with the creative team of the Fengaros Music Village 2015 as an editor and interviewer of the workshops’ rapporteurs, with Fresh Target Theatre Ensemble for the production “Nitsa”, as well as with the team of Xarkis Festival as a communications team coordinator, translator and text editor since 2016. She values her time at Parathyro, the cultural section of Politis newspaper, the Visual Artists Association of Cyprus (EI.KA), the Phaneromenis 70 cultural and research institution and the Garage multi-use space in Nicosia. She has attended seminars of creative writing, poetry, engraving, ceramics, photography, calligraphy, book design and bookbinding. She is a member of the Amalgamation Choir female vocal ensemble under the direction of Vassiliki Anastasiou since 2014. She currently works in Cyprus as a freelancer architect and calligrapher. 


Anastasia is a board member of Xarkis NGO and will continue to work on the Communications alongside the Cooking Coordination for the Festival.


Eleni Pashia

Eleni Pashia (born in Nicosia, Cyprus) is an architect and currently finishing her scholarship awarded Ph.D in Architecture (University of Sheffield, UK). Pashia’s engagement in political- social-feminist activism, organized struggle and performing arts since her teenage years, sparked her desire for the reunification of Cyprus and motivation to conduct an interdisciplinary research that positions her work between artistic/cultural, educative, activistic and recreational practices. Her thesis titled ‘Cocreative Interplaces for Solidarity Pedagogy: an exploration of joyful-critical spatial practices, for connecting through borders otherwise’ stems from intersections between critical theories of pedagogy, feminism and space. Following feminist groundings on qualitative research, Pashia explored a range of spatial practices in Cyprus to execute her overarching research aim: to propose principles or a critical toolkit that can be used as an inter-border methodology of connectedness, meaning practices of embodied connection through the porous geopolitical border of Cyprus for transforming the relational border in- between its two main communities, the Turkish and Greek Cypriots. Eleni is a member of Xarkis NGO, and the hospitality coordinator for the Xarkis Festival 2019.

Elias Vasiliou

Elias Vassiliou was born in Dali village in Nicosia suburbs. He graduated from business studies at the University of Thessaloniki and has recently returned to Cyprus after two years of travelling in South America where he did voluntary work and studied aspects of Latin culture, food and the environment. He is currently delving into hand crafted work with wood and upcycled materials and is focusing on environmental preservation.


He is a member of Xarkis Festival team and is responsible for the bar and stands’ coordination.


Olivia Ioannou

Olivia is a designer, maker and baker. She studied Design at Goldsmiths University, London (2014-17), with a focus on food and bio-design. Her interest in food lead her to volunteer on agro-ecological farms, live in an eco-community and participate in permaculture workshops in Spain (2017-18). She has exhibited at Dutch Design Week 2018 at the Edible Invisible Exhibition and is now an international correspondent for the Dutch Institute of Food and Design, writing about the inter-connected fields of Food, Fermentation and Design. Now living in Cyprus, she is creating brunch initiatives and workshops centred around fermented foods and drinks, at the Old Municipal Market of Nicosia, as part of the re-invention of the space as Agora Project. 

She is working as the Volunteers coordinator for Xarkis Festival 2019.