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Xarkis Festival 2022 will take place from the 15th-17th July in Agros village (Limassol district). In the context of the Festival, an Artists Multi-Residency Programme will take place from the 4-14th of July.

This year’s central theme is titled: Onwards and backwards: Colonialism and intersectionality. Xarkis Festival is an opportunity for you to participate in an interdisciplinary and multi-layered setting that involves artists, cultural actors and local community members experimenting under this year’s theme. As a volunteer, you are a vital member of our team. Your involvement in this energetic and creative environment will contribute to the build-up of a unique festival experience and to the realisation of an impactful cultural event.

We invite you to become a volunteer and to actively participate in the implementation and smooth realisation of both the Artists’ Multi-Residency Program and the Festival.

This call is directed towards individuals with an interest in community-oriented and socially engaged cultural events, and the interaction with creative people and projects that deal with society, the environment and culture more widely. 

Invited artists at Xarkis Festival are called to respond to these ideas via a site-specific project developed in the hosting community. In this context, each participant is called to respond to one challenge in relation to colonialism and its effects, via an ‘intersectional’ lens. This covers a range of transversal issues ranging from race, age, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, the environment and social class.

‘Volunteers’, in an equivalent manner, are called to provide support in the organisation, by supporting the artists in their work-in-progress, supporting coordinators and external communication activities, whilst contributing to the preparation, design and/or organisation of spaces that will be created and/or made use of, for the public-facing project experience. 

In order to ensure that volunteers are assigned clear and distinct roles in our organization during activities, local volunteers are asked to attend three volunteer meetings before the project is realised (including one in-person meeting at the hosting community), and volunteers who live abroad are asked to attend two group volunteer meetings, for the purpose of orientation and preparation for the program. 

During these meetings, once we identify your interests we will assign you to your team accordingly.

These meetings offer an opportunity for volunteers to find out more about the team, the project, the context within which they will be asked to engage, and to gain deeper knowledge about the theme we are exploring each year. 

Volunteers are allocated, as much as possible, in positions relevant to their educational experience and interests, and are asked to join the following broad categories of volunteer work: 

  1. The design team (social design, architecture, sustainable design, innovation design etc)
  2. Arts team (music, performance art, sound art, theatre, contemporary dance, or socially engaged art)
  3. Arts management and the creative industries team (managing participants’ experience of the Festival and assisting the event coordinators, technical coordination or production management team)
  4. Curation of space team (arts and crafts making, design, co-constructing spaces, graphic/communication design, product/industrial design)
  5. Social sciences team (anthropology, philosophy, writing, communication studies, history, human geography, linguistics, sociology etc)
  6. Social media marketing team (communication, content creation, visual art, photography, filmmaking, creative writing, editing, interviewing)
  7. Welcome desk team (informing and welcoming participants to the Festival)
  8. Cooking and culinary arts team (assisting with food and the kitchen)
  9. The sustainability team functions as a parallel team, working holistically and involving all volunteers, under the supervision of our sustainability coordinator and mentor. Activities include training and volunteering activities on recycling, upcycling, environmental actions across the village, training on social sustainability.


For more info, contact us with a single PDF including the following information:

– Your motivation letter of a maximum of 200 words

– Your brief biography of a maximum of 200 words

Send to:

Volunteer days: 4-18 July 2022

Deadline to apply: 30th of April 2022

Xarkis Inclusion Policy

At Xarkis, we invite volunteers from different backgrounds, regardless of gender, sexual orientation and age to apply. We particularly encourage applications from people from a variety of backgrounds who are not equally represented in the public debate such as women, LGBTQIA + people, people of all abilities and people from different national backgrounds.


– Accommodation in a communal setting and / in shared rooms

– 3 meals per day from our collective kitchen

– Free entrance to all Festival activities, (workshops, performances, music events etc)

– Once you have completed your full participation, you will receive a certificate of participation at the end of the event

The volunteers’ team is required to attend three volunteer meetings before the July event in May and June and to stay for the entire duration of the program, from the 4-18th of July 2022.