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Xarkis Festival roams rural communities of Cyprus, and typically takes place in areas that are remote and not particularly touristic, with little access to contemporary art opportunities. Like many other ‘peripheral’ regions across Europe and the globe, these regions often suffer from various problems such as a lack of opportunities, faltering demography and a widespread sense of ennui.

By intentionally focusing on ‘peripheral’ regions, we reverse artistic trends that mainly focus on urban and metropolitan regions, whilst denouncing the idea that art is only for the elite.

We embody the ‘Leave no one behind’ of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and its Sustainable Development Goals, and co-create art with local communities, co-produce knowledge, and ultimately try to create a newfound sense of purpose, excitement and community.

By inviting local and international actors from across the globe to collaboratively engage in these processes, we also promote the European value of multiculturalism, diversity and plurality. Finally, we’re designing the festival in a way that is more accessible to individuals of all abilities, genders and sexualities, ethnicities and geographic backgrounds and education, thus embodying the value of inclusivity.

We have organized nine Xarkis Festivals thus far in Arsos, Lofou, Koilani, Polystipos, Lympia and Agros villages (2013-2022) festival.xarkis.org and are planning our 10th Xarkis Festival in Kornos village from October 13-15th 2023.